D Ruth Holloway,
Renaissance Woman


Who is this interesting person?

I'm a little bit of everything. Growing up, my father taught me the value of problem-solving, and instilled in me a hunger for knowledge. That ethos has turned me into a life-long learner, and I am interested in and skilled at a great many things.

I'm a public speaker, a writer, a software developer, a project manager, a wife, a parent, a grandparent, an occasional activist, a skilled cook, an artist, and an autoharpist.

Today, anyway. That list may change at any time, with no notice at all.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

—Robert A. Heinlein
Time Enough for Love


This girl loves to talk...

I've presented and trained on a wide range of technical and soft-skills topics over the last twenty years. If you're looking for a keynoter, breakout session speaker, or trainer with a proven track record of excellence, get in touch with me to discuss your needs, and my pricing and availability.

Topics of special interest for me include:

  • Perl software development
  • Personal organization skills
  • Codes of Conduct, and inequity in technology spaces
  • Living with disabilities/Disability activism
  • Life as a transgender woman/LGBTQ+ activism
  • Empathy & compassion, especially as applied in the workplace


The pen is mightier than the sword...

I write words. Many, many words, at times.

Technical writing

I spent three years, about, as a Community Moderator at Opensource.com, and had a column there for a couple of years, called "Nooks & Crannies," where we explored lesser-known open source projects.

Non-technical writing

I do occasional fiction reviews as a guest poster at Reading Reality, under the pen name Amy Daltry.

I have released a novel! Learn more about my novelist alter ego at Lyla Hopper's website.


Such a nerd...

Over the course of a 30+ year career, I’ve done just about everything a nerd can do in the IT space: front- and back-end developer, system and network administrator, documentation, training, big-data migrations, just a taste of DevOps, even (briefly) management. There were some things I was much better at than others, of course, and a couple that I didn’t enjoy very much, so I respect the folks that do those things quite a lot! I think of myself as a generalist.

Over the years, I’ve made money writing code in COBOL, Pascal, IBM 4381 Assembler, C, Java, JavaScript, and Perl. I’ve been coding mostly in Perl now for 18 years.

Currently, I work as a Perl developer and project lead at Clearbuilt. We’re a small team of really talented folks, doing business process automation that helps some pretty interesting businesses grow! I've been at the jobs with the nifty perks: free lunch, free cell phone, guarded parking lots, outings with free booze, and much more. At Clearbuilt, I get the best benefit of all — it doesn't cost my boss a single dime, and most of my previous employers couldn't deliver it: respect. Catch me in person if you want to hear me rave about how much I love my job!


People say the nicest things...

  • I attended Ruth's talk at the ACT-W National conference, "A Mile in my Shoes" and was touched by the way she connected her personal experiences to demonstrate how empathy can be brought into each of our personal and professional lives. Through this understanding of others no matter our difference or similarities, we may truly make an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

    —Katie SanFilippo
    West/Midwest Regional Director, ChickTech

  • As the keynote at our inaugural ACT-W Austin conference, Ruth kicked things off with a bang! Her talk resonated with attendees, got people thinking, and touched all of our hearts. We will be inviting her back again and again.

    —Nicole C. Baratta
    Director, ChickTech Austin

  • Asking Ruth to speak at The Perl Conference in Amsterdam was, by far, one of the best decisions I have made. The material was compelling and enlightening and Ruth's public speaking skills are those of a gifted storyteller, both captivating and inspiring.

    —Sawyer X
    The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

  • I run a large and active group on Facebook, and Ruth is one of the members of my administrative team. She handles our treasury with skill and honesty. We could not manage to do the things we do every day without Ruth.

    —Jenn Thomas
    Founder and Head Admin, Friends of Mike Callahan

  • Ruth is an exceptional writer with the rare ability to provide detailed explanations of technical information, while still managing to deliver an enjoyable read in the process.

    —Rikki Endsley
    Community Manager, Opensource.com

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