I enjoy coding, but…

Over the years, I’ve done just about everything a nerd can do in the IT space: front- and back-end developer, system and network administrator, documentation, training, big-data migrations, just a taste of DevOps, even (briefly) management. There were some things I was much better at than others, of course, and a couple that I didn’t enjoy very much, so I respect the folks that do those things quite a lot! I think of myself as a generalist.

You can get a copy of my resume here, if that interests you.

Over the years, I’ve made money writing code in COBOL, Pascal, IBM 4381 Assembler, C, Java, JavaScript, and Perl. I’ve been coding mostly in Perl now for 16 years.

My day job is as a Perl developer at Clearbuilt. We’re a small team of really talented folks, doing business process automation that helps some pretty interesting businesses grow!

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