I write. Quite a bit.

I write a fair bit about technical things:

I’m a Community Moderator at Opensource.com, and had a column there for a couple of years, called “Nooks & Crannies”, where we explored lesser-known open source projects. These days, my writing there is usually more based around coding, with a fair bit of it in Perl.

Every few weeks, I am privileged to serve as the editor for the Perl Weekly.

My bibliography of print publications is available here.

A bibliography of my offsite, online publications is here.

I also write about non-technical matters, usually under the pen name Amy Daltry.

Take a look at Amy’s Facebook page; I kibitz about books I’m reading, and also a good bit about transgender activism there.

She’s also got a Twitter feed, but it’s not very active.

I do occasional fiction reviews as a guest poster at Reading Reality.

I used to do a lot of reviews of series romances at Numbers on the Spines.