Online Publications

This list does not include articles posted on my own sites.


Holloway, Ruth, "Mouse: A time-saving object system for smaller projects",, May 31.

..., "A Perl module for better debugging",, April 20.

..., "Getting started with Vagrant",, April 5.

..., "Easy data validation in Perl with Regexp::Common",, March 30.

..., "Perl hashes and arrays: The basics",, February 19.

..., "An introduction to the Web::Simple Perl module, a minimalist web framework",, January 26.


Holloway, Ruth, "Perl Turns 30 and Its Community Continues to Thrive",, October 11.

..., "Neo4j in Your Own Software: Very Basic Perl Hacking",, July 19.

..., "Neo4j and Graph Databases: Getting Started",, July 13.

..., "Simplify Expense Reports with Smart Receipts",, May 17.

..., "Google Software Engineer Jessica Frazelle on the Life of a Large Scale Open Source Project",, May 16.

..., "Netflix’s Spinnaker Tale",, May 11.

..., "11 Wisdoms from Half a Life in Open Source",, May 11.

..., "3 Open Source Code Libraries to Handle MARC-Formatted Records",, April 21.

Bavousett, Ruth, "Generate Random Data for Your Applications with Elizabeth",, February 15.

..., "Building Your Own Personal Cloud with Cozy",, February 1.

..., "How to Write Web Apps in R with Shiny",, January 20.


Bavousett, Ruth, "7 Cool Little Open Source Projects That Stood out in 2016",, December 6.

..., "A New Directory of Open Source Technology Events",, November 2.

..., "The Iconic Text Editor Vim Celebrates 25 Years",, November 1.

..., "Trick or Treat with Funny Perl Modules",, October 28.

..., "Tips from a Software Engineer for a Balanced Life",, October 5.

..., "The Must-Have Features for Perl 6",, September 23.

..., "Got the Writing Bug? An Introduction to Bibisco",, September 16.

..., "Writing an Academic Paper? Try Fidus Writer",, August 19.

..., "Perl Tricks for System Administrators",, July 27.

..., "Intro to LimeSurvey: An Open Source, Feature-Rich Polling Platform",, July 22.

..., "What’s Holding Your Conference Back",, June 30.

..., "Prepare to Be Hacked: Information Security for Small Organizations",, June 29.

..., "Rumors of COBOL’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Meet GnuCOBOL",, June 17.

..., "A 5 Step Plan for Making Sure New Contributors Have a Positive Experience",, June 12.

..., "A New Solution for Impostor Syndrome",, May 31.

..., "Phire CMS: A Feature-Rich, Lightweight Content Management System",, May 20.

..., "Build Your Own Artificial Pancreas System to Regulate Insulin Delivery",, May 20.

..., "A 5-Step Process for Hiring Tech Talent",, May 19.

..., "Takeaways from Docker’s Solomon Hykes’ Keynote at OSCON",, May 18.

..., "Computer Science Professor on the Changing Face of Tech",, May 18.

..., "Open Sourcing Planet Discovery with PANOPTES",, April 27.

..., "Automate Your Home with OpenHAB",, April 22.

..., "Glucosio Helps Diabetics Track Blood Sugar",, March 31.

..., "Kicking the Tires on Korora, a Novice-Friendly Linux Distro",, March 18.

..., "LilyPond Scores Beautiful Music",, February 18.

..., "Plerd: A Dropbox-Friendly Markdown Blog Platform",, January 22.

..., "A First-Timer’s Guide to Getting Started with Open Source Code and Communities",, January 19.


Bavousett, Ruth, "Embracing the Tech World’s Open Source Shift",, November 9.

..., "Taking a Spin with Dancer, the Lightweight Perl Web Application Framework",, September 22.

..., "Code Ninjas Earn ‘Belts’ with CoderDojo",, September 3.

..., "Love for Perl Unites Diverse Community",, August 12.

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