Hi! I’m Ruth Holloway (née Bavousett).

I’m a jill-of-all-trades, by nature. Growing up, my father taught me that there wasn’t anything a person couldn’t do, if they wanted to badly enough, and could find the right tools for the job. As a result, nearly fifty years later, I can do a little bit of everything. I’m involved in a lot of things, and pretty constantly busy.

I’m a technologist, a writer, a woodworker, a wife, a parent, a grandparent, an activist, a public speaker, an amateur cartographer, a skilled cook, and many more things.

People say the nicest things…

Katie SanFilippo
West/Midwest Regional Director / ChickTech

I attended Ruth's talk at the ACT-W National conference, "A Mile in my Shoes" and was touched by the way she connected her personal experiences to demonstrate how empathy can be brought into each of our personal and professional lives. Through this understanding of others no matter our difference or similarities, we may truly make an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Nicole C. Baratta

As the keynote at our inaugural ACT-W Austin conference, Ruth kicked things off with a bang! Her talk resonated with attendees, got people thinking, and touched all of our hearts. We will be inviting her back again and again.

Asking Ruth to speak at The Perl Conference in Amsterdam was, by far, one of the best decisions I have made. The material was compelling and enlightening and Ruth's public speaking skills are those of a gifted storyteller, both captivating and inspiring.

Jenn Thomas
Founder and Head Admin / Friends of Mike Callahan

I run a large and active group on Facebook, and Ruth is one of the members of my administrative team. She handles our treasury with skill and honesty. We could not manage to do the things we do every day without Ruth.

Rikki Endsley
Community Manager / Opensource.com

Ruth is an exceptional writer with the rare ability to provide detailed explanations of technical information, while still managing to deliver an enjoyable read in the process.

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